Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Gals

Lois "Legs" Laurelle  hails from Brooklyn, New York City. Born in 1915 she's the eldest of the Hotsies and quite the comedienne. Lois never knew her father but is convinced he must be Humphrey Bogart as her mother talks about him constantly and keeps his picture by her bed.

A natural flirt and the clown of the group, this voluptuous songbird will seduce you with her dulcet tones and devilish wink!

Her favourite movies are Abbott and Costello and she is a self proclaimed optimist. What a doozy!

Lois sometimes steps out without her Hotsie companions, check out her own page HERE!

Minnie Maloney is the sister of Mickey Maloney (The Hotsies Manager) and is currently training to be a pilot after her heroine Amelia Earhart.

Our Minnie is of Italian and Irish ancestry and grew up in Queens. A straight to the point kinda gal and very much one of the fellas. She likes to arm wrestle and could drink most men under the table.

A functioning alcoholic, Minnie can often be found doing shots with the barman in between sets.

As talented as she is beautiful Minnie's only weakness is her two left feet! 

Rita Roo Rossiter was born in London, England but moved to up state New York when her mother married a Wall Street broker who subsequently left her for a member of the Boswell Sisters. A touchy subject!

Rita's big ambition was to perform Off Broadway but instead she became a member of The Hotsie Totsies - no regrets! Rita's hopes to one day marry a big time movie director. This angelic (but by no means innocent) broad looks so sweet she would give you tooth ache and speaking of which she makes a mean Mississippi Mud Pie!

Mary-Lou Moretti is currently laying low after leaving her husband, a member of one of the most prolific families of the Italian mafia. This straight talking and at times deadly dame is not one to suffer fools and she won't stand for no baloney. 

This broad certainly has some tricks up her sleeve and when she's not being a Hotsie Totsie she can be found at the local casino hustling on the poker table. Watch your dollars when Mary-Lou is in town fellas! 

Ginger Laurelle is Lois' younger, better looking and more talented sister. Although young, Ginger does loves to entertain the troops and can often be found smooching one of soldiers back stage.

She may not be the sharpest pencil in the box but she sure is purdy and sings like an angel. Watch out for some petty sibling rivalry when Lois and Ginger share the stage together!

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